Blackjack: The World’s Favorite Casino Table Game


According to statistics, slots take the lead in casino game popularity with Blackjack coming in second. Baccarat and Poker are popular casino table games too but Blackjack remains to be the most played. The game 21 is popular from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo to Macau!

Why is this seemingly simple card game so popular?


• It takes skill to win in Blackjack.

Unlike roulette and baccarat, playing and winning in blackjack takes skill and knowledge of strategies to win. A skilled and knowledgeable player will have the potential to gain an advantage over the house. The basic rule in winning is simple and that is to beat the dealer in getting close to 21 without going over. But it is not as easy as that. One has to use skills such as shuffle tracking, card counting and even reading the upcard of the dealer. Winning a game is knowing when to hit, split, stand or double down. In fact, there are numerous ways of tweaking the game for increasing one’s chances of winning.

• The house edge is quite low.

Casino games such as roulette and slots have high house edges at 17-19% and 4-20% respectively. Having high house edges basically means the longer one plays, the more he is burning his money. In blackjack, the house edge is generally set at 0.5%. So it is possible for a player to play all night at a $15 minimum table with a 0.5% house edge. If the result of a 2-hour blackjack game adheres to the logical conclusion, loses could be set at only $7.50.

• Quick and rapid gameplay.

It is quite noticeable that there are plenty of blackjack tables in casinos, no matter how cramped the floor area is. A game of blackjack is done in a rapid pace, thus it is possible for a croupier to deal hundreds of hands in a very short time. The house maybe taking a cut on each player, with the owner knowing nothing about it.

While that isn’t exactly positive news for the player, it helps explain why casinos are full of blackjack tables. Customers love to play blackjack, and casinos love to offer it. In that way, it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement for both parties.

• It has become a cultural institution in North America and Europe

With more than 500 years of history behind it, blackjack has been ingrained into the senses and subconscious of the general populace. There are songs written about blackjack, movies made about blackjack, references to the game made by famous persons, books written about it, and articles and blogs about blackjack. There are media representation and pop culture images referring to blackjack that even people, who don’t play blackjack, know about blackjack.

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