Is a Single Deck Card Blackjack Game Better?


Before Edward Thorp and his card counting techniques, blackjack with a single deck was the norm in casinos. In order to deter card counters, casinos adapted automatic card shufflers, multi-deck shoes, and numerous shuffles. However, there are still some casinos that do offer single-deck blackjack games, and in connection, is it better?

Better chances of getting an Ace


In a single deck of card, the probability of picking an ace after shuffling the card is 4/52. This is so because there are 52 cards and 4 of those cards are aces. If a player draws an ace, there will be 16 ten-value cards left in the 51 cards remaining, which makes for a 16/51 probability of drawing a 10-value card. Multiplying the two ratios will result to a 2.41%, which is the player’s probability of getting an ace then a 10-value card.

It is also possible to get a 10-value card first then an ace. This makes the probability of getting a blackjack in a single-deck game 2 x 2/41% or 4.82%. These figures translate to the probability of getting a blackjack out of a fraction over 20 hands.

The ratio of drawing an ace in 6-deck card is 24/312, where 24 is the number of aces in four decks, and 312 as the number of 6 decks of cards. Now the ratio of getting a 10-value card is 96 over 311, where 96 is the number of 10-value cards, and 311 is the number of card, multiply by 6, then subtracted by 1 (ace). The product of the two ratios is 2.37%; multiply by 2 is 4.74%, which is less than the 4.82 probability of getting a blackjack in a single-deck card.

Better Chances of Hitting a Blackjack


The probability of getting a blackjack in 2, 4, 6 and 8 decks are as follows. In a 2 deck card blackjack game, it is 1 in every 20.93 hands. In 4 decks, it is 1 in every 21.07 hands and in 8 decks is it 1 in every 21.07 hands.

Though the difference between a single deck hand probability of 1 in every 20.72 hands is not much ahead in an 8-deck card, still, there is a difference of 0.35.

Another important point is that there is a greater effect on the percentages of the cards left when removing a card from a single deck card game than in a multiple deck blackjack.

The goal of playing blackjack is to win, but it is better for the player if the dealer doesn’t land any. In a single-deck card game, the dealer’s chances of duplicating blackjacks are definitely less. Also, in a single-deck card game, the probability of the dealer duplicating a blackjack is 1 in every 27.25, and 1 in every 23.74 hands for 2-decks, 1 in 22.43 hands in 4-decks, 1 in every 21.92 hands in 6-decks, and 1 in every 21.71 hands in 8-decks.

Less Push, More Hits


Based on observations of the game, it is 20% more likely to reach a push when playing 6 and 8 deck cards.

In a single deck card, a player has a higher probability of a good hit when doubling down on 11 or 10, than when in the same situation playing multiple deck blackjack. Why? This is because in a single deck cards blackjack, getting a 10 or 11 means less undesirable small cards, thereby increasing the chances of a good hit. In a multiple deck card, the removal of two cards will not really matter.



We can summarize the perks of using single deck cards as:

• A player will be dealt more winning blackjack hands.
• The dealer’s chances of getting a blackjack or a push are lessened.
• The probability of getting a hit when doubling down 10 or 11 increases.

Anyone for single deck blackjack game?

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