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It’s a Blackjack Summer Marathon at Mr Green Casino

Score 15 blackjacks this summer and bag yourself a cash prize reward just for beating the dealer to 21. Starting June 4th through the 21st, blackjack players can win a share of €1,500 each week.

To get involved, blackjack players can participate in the weekly Blackjack Marathons at Mr Green Casino and take a seat at any Club Royale Blackjack Table. ALL players that score 15 Blackjacks within the 3-day promo period take home an even share of €1,500.

Here’s the dates of the Blackjack Marathons:

Tue, 11th June 2019 (14:00 CEST) – Fri, 14th June 2019 (04:00 CEST)
Tue, 18th June 2019 (14:00 CEST) – Fri, 21st June 2019 (04:00 CEST)
Tue, 25th June 2019 (14:00 CEST) – Fri, 28th June 2019 (04:00 CEST)

It’s getting hot, hot, hot at the blackjack tables at Mr Green Casino. Enter the Blackjack Marathon here and get to win even more free blackjack money!

Blackjack players will pocket $2000 in extra prize money this week at Intertops Poker

100% Match Up Bonus at Intertops Casino

June 3, 2019 — St. Johns, Antigua (Press Release) – Blackjack players will pocket $2000 in extra prize money this week during the Blackjack Jackpot event at Intertops Poker. The casino will pay jackpot bonuses of $5 to $500 for designated Blackjack hands June 3rd to 7th. Then this weekend, if they bust a deposit playing games under the casinos’ Worldmatch tab, players can get up to $250 Cashback.

“Blackjack is always one of the most popular games in our casino,” said Intertops Poker’s casino manager. “It’s easy to play and, if you play strategically, there can be nice payouts!”

This week, Blackjack players will automatically win bonus cash when they hit designated hands — from $5 for suited Blackjacks up to $500 for a Suited Big Suite 21. A Small Suite 21 will pay $10 and a Big Suite 21 will pay $25.

“Like winning a hand isn’t enough, they give you a little extra on top of your win?!” asked one player. “Boy, it doesn’t get any better than that!”

Players can win Blackjack Bonuses playing any of the three versions of Blackjack under the Lucktap tab in the casinos: Classic Blackjack, Double Draw and Perfect Pair. There is a 15X playthrough requirement.

In addition to their huge selection of slots and table games from Lucktap and Betsoft, the casinos also have slots from Worldmatch which are featured in this weekend’s 35% Cashback offer. June 8 & 9, players that make a deposit and then play Worldmatch slots without a win can ask for a refund of 35% of their deposit. Live Chat is the quickest way to get Cashback but it can also be requested by email.

Intertops Poker offers a huge selection casino games from Betsoft, Worldmatch and Lucktap: slots, video poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Craps. They also welcome poker players from around the world to their busy online poker rooms on the Horizon Poker Network.

Free Bet Blackjack

Free Bet Blackjack

Evolution Gaming introduces their Live Free Bet Blackjack. This exciting variant offers players automatic Free Bets in an infinitely entertaining Blackjack game with unlimited seats! It’s a spin off of their unlimited-seats Infinite Blackjack game.

Blackjack players can expect to receive Free Double Down and Split Bets on qualifying hands. Not only that, but you’ll never have to wait for a seat AGAIN!!

Evolution now has the most extensive live blackjack suite in online gaming. Free Bet blackjack is the most popular land based game and now players can get their fix online as advanced software from Evolution combines live, one-to-one dealing of both physical and virtual cards.

The Free Bet Blackjack game offers players four excellent side bets which include Any Pair, 21+3, Hot 3 and Bust It. Also available is the Six Card Charlie rule, which is a free, extra chance for players to win with their main bet as it pays out on six-card hands of 21 or under.

Try Evolution’s new Free Bet Blackjack by heading over to LeoVegas Casino!

New Blackjack Variants

Blackjack remains the top popular casino table game. This game is quite straightforward, and unless one counts cards, the probability of a newbie player and a seasoned player in winning a round is just about the same. There are numerous Blackjack variants, all with different rules and house edges. Nevertheless, there are still fair and winnable blackjack variants open for play.

Blackjack Switch is a newer variant that is credible enough to have a following. In the last quarter of 2018, Scientific Games introduced two new Blackjack variants that are quite promising.

U-Turn Blackjack Variant

This new variant is not exactly “new” as it is played in similarity with Push 22. The big difference is the use of a smart shoe. U-Turn Blackjack has the same basic Blackjack rules but with a twist. The game begins with the players’ bets, including side bets. Two cards will then be dealt to the dealer and the players, with the one of the dealer’s cards face up. The shuffler is fitted with an electronic card reader as the playing cards are bar-coded. Basically, the shuffler will indicate how many face-down cards the dealer has to deal to himself. The players will then know the total number of dealt cards when the shuffler signals the dealer when to stop dealing. After all these, the game resumes as a standard Blackjack game.

Vegas Blackjack Fever Variant

Vegas Blackjack Fever is a variant that make use of a hit on soft 17, and Push 22. It is played with 2, 6, or 8 decks of cards and featured the optional Precious Diamonds bonus or side bet. The game opens with the optional side bet and standard Blackjack bet of two dealt cards. If the dealer hits on soft 17, all players may split hands including the Aces, for up to three times to make four hands.

Players are permitted to double down on all hands including Aces after hitting or splitting. If the total is equivalent to the entire bet of the hand, players are allowed to do 2-3 double down. With two or more cards on any hand, all players are also permitted to surrender one half of the total bet.

Winning hands include any hand that has not been doubled and has a total of 20 or less with 6 cards. A hand that has not been doubled and has a total of 21 or less with 5 or more cards also wins.

In the event that both dealer and player hit a Blackjack, the player wins. In the event the dealer hits 22, this hand becomes a push for all players, with a pay ratio of 5:2.

Not every online casino player is keen on playing Blackjack though. It is a good thing that other casino table games such as poker, are also offered.

The Big Blackjack Bang at Mr Green Casino

The Big Blackjack Bang at Mr Green Casino





The Big Blackjack Bang is on at Mr Green Casino. From May 17th through the 19th, you can take a seat at Mr Green’s exclusive blackjack tables and draw Mr Green’s collectable cards that are worth cold hard CASH!

Players who collect 3-of-a-kind will win the corresponding prize. This weekend, not only can you beat the dealer to 21, you can find those special cards worth big cash payouts!

Take your seat here and play Qualifying Tables go LIVE at 19:00 CEST Friday, 14:00 CEST Saturday & 13:00 CEST Sunday.

Yggdrasil Creates an Industry first cross-vertical Blackjack and Slot in their Dr Fortuno Title

Yggdrasil Creates an Industry first cross-vertical Blackjack and Slot in their Dr Fortuno Title

Yggdrasil brings magic to the reels and blackjack table with Dr Fortuno
Supplier’s cross-vertical game of the year features industry-first shared jackpot

Yggdrasil introduces Dr Fortuno, the industry’s first cross-vertical shared jackpot, giving players more chances to win huge sums on the reels and at the blackjack table.

Both games star the charismatic leader of a travelling freak show who ventures to lands far and wide, inviting players into his mysterious and rewarding world.

The sinister Doctor, together with his troupe of freaks, allows players to enter his realm of dreams and curiosities to experience things beyond the comprehension of imagination.

The marvellous 5×3 slot features nudging wilds and the ‘Wheel of Fortuno’, which gives players a shot at the jackpot and a chance to win additional coins or multiply their winnings.

The Ringmaster also brings his magical flair to the blackjack table. The 5-player RNG multiplayer offers a wonderful new bonus bet and bonus game with incredible rewards including multipliers and a chance to win the daily jackpot which is shared with the slot game of the same name.

Yggdrasil added some extra charm to this shared jackpot with a Customizable Countdown feature. This enables operators to inject more excitement into their games by choosing the starting and ending parameters of their jackpot countdown. This flexibility caters for operators of all sizes, offering engaging and valuable jackpots at the frequency that works for their unique needs.

Jonas Strandman, Senior Product Strategist at Yggdrasil, said: “There is a lot going on in the Dr Fortuno Slot! Nudging wilds, a bonus wheel, free spins AND a jackpot! The bonus wheel happens often enough to keep spiking entertainment levels, while the free spins can dish out huge wins with the right combinations.

“The cross-vertical nature of the game presents our operators with a prime opportunity to introduce their players to new verticals, using a character and game mechanics that they are familiar with.”

“If you ever hear Dr Fortuno, also known as the ‘King of Yellow’, whisper his catchphrase, “By the pricking one of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes!”, roll up, roll up and join his troupe to make fortune smile upon his lucky patrons. You never know, if picked he could bestow you with riches beyond your wildest imagination.”

As with all Yggdrasil slot titles, the Dr Fortuno slot comes complete with the collection of in-game promotional tools, BOOST®.

Basic Manners When Playing Live Blackjack


Blackjack is certainly one of the most popular casino games world played in both land-based and online casinos. Online blackjack has been made more interesting and interactive through the introduction of live blackjack, where players interact and play “live” online with a real-live blackjack dealer and players.

Playing live blackjack is certainly more interesting and challenging. However, there are certain proprieties that should be observed for hassle-free blackjack gaming.

When Joining a Table

Make sure that there is indeed a spot available for another player as there is a possibility that one or two players on the table are playing multiple hands. The table might have one or two vacant seats but those seats may be for a player who has multiple hands in the game. If a seat is available, you should wait for the current hand to finish before you buy-in. There are blackjack games that do not allow mid-deck entry. If this is the case then you should wait for the next shuffle.

When Buying Chips

Buying chips is easy enough as all you need to do is place the amount you wish to exchange in the middle of the blackjack table and tell the dealer the denomination you need. After the dealer gives you the chips, make sure you count them. A dealer seldom makes mistakes in exchanging money to chips but it’s always good to check just in case.

When Betting in the Game

You should place your bet within the betting circle. If you are wagering a stack of chips, don’t just shove them in the betting circle. Neatly place the stack of chips in the betting circle, with the highest value of chip placed at the bottom of the stack if the chips are of different denominations. Remember not to touch the chips once the dealer commences on dealing the cards.

How to Handle Cards

Most blackjack variants are played face-up, where the cards are dealt face-up and players are not allowed to touch or hold their cards during the game. Variants that are played face-down allow players to touch or handle the dealt cards. You should note that the protocol is for a player to use only one hand, and that the cards are kept only above the table.

When Deciding on the Play

You will be given ample time to decide on whether you still need another card or not. If you need another card you should audibly indicate this to the dealer so that there will be no misunderstanding. You can also use a hand signal such as tapping on the table to show that you require another. If you don’t need another card, you can just wave your hand to show that you stand.

If you wish to double you can place the additional chips next to your first bet. If you want to split, you can either place the needed amount of chips next to your initial bet or with two fingers, point to your card. Of course, it is best to verbally state your decision to avoid mistakes.

Winning a Hand

If you do win a hand, wait for the dealer to place the chips that you won next to your bet. Wait for the dealer to settle with the rest of the players on the table, and collect all the dealt cards on the table before you collect your chips. This is one way of showing manners and “class”.

More Blackjack Etiquette

There are other ways to observe when playing online blackjack and one of them is when talking with other players. There are players who wish to exchange words with other players on the table and there are those who prefer to keep quiet and just play. So, it is best to be sensitive if your table-mates prefer to chat or not. It is also best not to interfere or react to players in-play decisions regardless if their decisions are good or bad.

In case you are using a strategy card, do not take a long time consulting it. There are other players who are waiting for your decision so the play can move forward.

Dealers are to be respected. Some may prefer to chat and others may prefer to keep quiet when in play. If you feel you’ve been dealt a bad card, do not berate the dealer as that is not his fault. Remember that blackjack, for all the skills that you hone, is still a game of chance. You may or may not tip a dealer but if you are on a winning streak, tipping a dealer is a good practice.

If you wish to play behind a seated player, ask the player’s permission first. If he agrees, you may place your bet in the betting circle. However, you have no say on the player’s move or how he plays a hand. Win or lose, you should thank the player.

You may leave a table at any point but it is polite to leave the table after a shuffle if the rest of the players are winning. Your leaving the table has nothing to do with the rest of the players’ chances of winning but superstitions indicate otherwise.

Get a Columbus Day Blackjack Boost at Intertops Casino

100% Match Up Bonus at Intertops Casino

October 5, 2018 — St. Johns, Antigua (Press Release) – This Columbus Day weekend, Intertops Poker are boosting all Blackjack wins by 10%. Next weekend they’re giving 35% Instant Cashback to players that bust a deposit playing slots.

While many American states celebrate the arrival of Europeans in North America on Columbus Day, several now salute the indigenous people that were there first instead. Intertops Poker and Juicy Stakes Casino will mark the occasion in their own way — with a Columbus Day Blackjack Boost.

On Monday, October 8th, the casinos will add an extra 10% to all Blackjack wins. Players can qualify for their Blackjack bonus playing any of the three Blackjack games under the Lucktap tab in the poker rooms.

Next weekend is a Cashback Weekend. October 11 – 14, anyone that plays slots under the Betsoft or Worldmatch tabs without a win can get 35% of their last deposit refunded. They’ll have until the following Wednesday to request instant cash back and can contact Support via live chat, email or telephone to do so. Up to $250 Cashback is instantly credited to players’ accounts.

Further information on this weekend’s 35% Instant Cashback offer is available at Intertops Poker.

Intertops Poker are known around the world for their busy online poker rooms. They also have slots and other casino games including video poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Craps.

Scientific Games Releases Two New Blackjack Variants


It is an acknowledged gambling truth that the most popular casino table game of all time is Blackjack. Back in the days, playing blackjack was pretty straightforward as there were only a handful of variants, and thus, applicable rules were simple, with beatable and fair blackjack games available.

Today, there are various blackjack variants, and casino operators are looking for ways to change rules and increase house edges! Not to dishearten you though as there are still credible and winnable blackjack games offered in casinos.

It seems that house edge for blackjack in most casinos in Las Vegas continues to increase to the point that it’s almost as if you are playing carnival games! It is safe to say that among new blackjack variants, Blackjack Switch has a more staying power than most. In this connection, Scientific Games has come up with two new blackjack variants and they are U Turn Blackjack and Vegas Blackjack Fever.

New: U-Turn Blackjack

There’s nothing so significantly “new” about this variant except for the introduction of the smart shoe. The idea is to scan each playing card by the shoe as it is dealt to players. The blackjack variant U-Turn has the same principles as the Push 22 variant and is therefore not quite as remarkable as the other variant called Vegas Blackjack Fever.

Vegas Blackjack Fever

In the Vegas Blackjack fever variant, the game opens with a standard wager and an optional Precious Diamond side bet. A traditional blackjack game is assured as two cards are dealt. The dealer hits on soft 17, and players could split all hands, Aces included, up to three times to make for a total of four hands.

After splitting or hitting, players are allowed to double down on any hand including Aces. Players may also re-double down up to 3 doubles, bur only if the total equals the total bet of the hand.

After hitting, doubling or splitting, players are allowed to surrender half of the bet with two or more cards, on any hand.

Any hand that hasn’t been doubled, making a total of 20 or less with 6 cards, wins.
Any hand that hasn’t been double and has a total of 21 with five or more cards, wins.
Even if the dealer has a blackjack, a player’s blackjack wins. If a dealer is busted (22), the resulting hand becomes a push for all those still playing. The pay ratio for Blackjack is 5:2.

These variants have not hit the Vegas Strip yet, but they will soon be featured.

Win Extra Cash when you play at Casumo’s Live Blackjack Tables

Win Extra Cash when you play at Casumo's Live Blackjack Tables

Casumo Casino have launched a newly built, unique Live Casino Studio for Black Jack and Roulette – exclusively for Casumo players. They have managed to build their very own and unique studio and avoid all the Vegas clichés by injecting a dose of playfulness. From the overall look and feel to the casting of dealers and their design of uniforms.

To celebrate the launch of the new exclusive Live Casino tables, Casumo Casino are running a promotion with daily and weekly prizes during the first two weeks of August and with two different mechanics – one for each week plus a grand cash prize for one lucky winner at the end of the promotion. Here’s how it works:

Players can win extra cash on top of their casino winnings if they play Casumo Live Blackjack between 13th and 17th August*. Everyday between Monday and Friday, from 6PM till 11.59PM (CET), Casumo is adding 20 bonus cards to the dealer’s shoe. Here’s what what players could win if they’re dealt one or more of these bonus cards:

Gold Card: €/£500
Green Card: €/£100
Blue card: €/£50
Orange card: €/£30
Red Card: €/£10

To participate, players will need to login to their casino account here, find a warm seat at a live Blackjack table, place bets (minimum €/£5) and let the dealers do the rest!

But wait, there’s more! A €/£10 wager on the Casumo Blackjack table buys participants a ticket to a €/£10,000 raffle. One more lucky winner will be drawn on Sunday 19th August, live in the studio at 8PM (CET).

Place your bets!