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£20,000 Clash of the Tables- Roulette vs Blackjack at 32 Red Casino

20000 Clash of the Tables- Roulette vs Blackjack at 32 Red Casino

It’s the ultimate smack down on the tables, Roulette vs. Blackjack, for a share of £20,000 at 32Red Casino. The casino battle of the century starts May 30th through June 12th and there will be 2 leaderboards, one for blackjack and one for roulette. Each leaderboard is worth £10,000!

Put your table games to the test when you opt-in here and then pick your side- blackjack or roulette and start playing. Every £10 wagered on any Live or Regular Blackjack/ Roulette table during the promotional period will reward you with one point on the respective leaderboard. Climb your leaderboard to the top for a share of the £20,000 cash prize pool. It’s that simple.

Win up to €1,500 with Massive Blackjack at Guts Casino

Win up to 1500 with Massive Blackjack at Guts Casino

Win up to €1,500 with Massive Blackjack at Guts Casino every Wednesday. All you need to do to win up to €1,500 is take a seat and play on any of the Netent Live Blackjack tables between 09:00 (CEST) and 23:59 (CEST) every Wednesday. To cash in, here’s how it works:

– Get 2 Blackjacks in a row for €20 in cash
– Get 3 Blackjacks in a row during for an extra €80 in cash – that’s €100 in total!
– Get 4 Blackjacks in a row for a mouth-watering €200 extra in cash – that’s €300 in total!
– Get 5 consecutive Blackjacks for a mind-blowing €1200 in hard cash – that’s €1500 altogether!

Why play blackjack anywhere else on a Wednesday night when you can earn an extra €1,500 in cash on the NetEnt Live Blackjack tables at Guts Casino!

Hit a Blackjack and Win a $100 Bonus at Intertops Poker

100% Match Up Bonus at Intertops Casino

June 5, 2018 — St. Johns, Antigua (Press Release) – A special $100 Blackjack Quest begins Wednesday at Intertops Poker and continues until June 12th. Players will win a $100 bonus for hitting five Blackjack events playing any of the three Blackjack games under the Lucktap tab in the poker room.

“We’re making it a week-long Quest this month,” said Intertops Poker’s casino manager. “That gives players LOTS of time to hit the events they need to win the $100 bonus!”

To win the $100 Blackjack Quest bonus, players must win once with a Natural Blackjack, once with a Clubs Blackjack, and hit at least three Blackjacks in one game.

A Natural Blackjack is an Ace with a 10, Jack, Queen or King of any suit. A Clubs Blackjack is a natural Blackjack where all cards are Clubs.

All three Blackjack games under the Lucktap tab in the poker software qualify for the Blackjack Quest bonus: Regular Blackjack, Double Draw Blackjack and Perfect Pairs Blackjack. There is an optional re-draw on hand 15, 16 and 17 in Double Draw Blackjack and in Perfect Pairs Blackjack a natural pair pays 5:1, same-colored pairs pay 10:1 and a perfect pair (both cards the same suit) pays 30X.

Intertops Poker have the busiest online poker rooms on the Horizon Poker Network. With special bonus events every week, their slots and table games from Betsoft, Worldmatch and Lucktap are getting more popular every day.

New Blackjack Variant: Triple Win 20


Blackjack’s latest variant called Triple Win 20 debuted in Deadwood, South Dakota early in May. Developed by Terry Houk, a former general manager at casinos in Colorado and South Dakota, the variant’s main objective is to offer players a different and exciting blackjack game.

Triple Win 20 Play


As with all other blackjack variant, the dealer plays against each player. The main aim of the game is to get an “11” with one card, or the value 20 with at least two cards. The values of cards on a pack is standard – Aces are either 1 or 11, faces are 10, and the remaining cards the value of their number.

To win a hand, a player has to do any of the following.

• Reach a value of 11 with only a card, paying at 1:1
• Reach a value of 20 with only two cards, paying at 1:1. If the 2 initial cards are Kings, or a pair of Queens, or a pair of Jacks, the player gets paid 1.5x or 3:2 his bet.
• Reach a value that is higher than the dealer with 2 or more cards, paying at 1:1.
• Use of six decks of cards
• No insurance
• Hands higher than 20 are busted – including 21
• If the card values are the same, any hand can be a push. This is tie, no winner or loser.

First cards are always dealt facing down. A player must turn the card facing up if he wishes to collect a win on the first card. All the remaining cards are to be dealt face down unless a player has a two-card win or wishes to split cards or double down. The rules are similar to the blackjack variant Pitch. Also dealt face down is the dealer’s first card, but all his remaining cards are to dealt face up. The dealer is not allowed to take additional cards once he has a hard 16.

Houk named the variant Triple Win 20 because there are three ways to win. Of course, the “20” came from the fact that the goal of this blackjack variant is to reach a value of 20.
Let’s see if this blackjack variant will catch fire as it is the hope of the developer to have Triple Win 20 played in at least 100 casinos across the US.

Stir up some Big Wins in the Blackjack Happy Hour at Mr Green Casino

Stir up some Big Wins in the Blackjack Happy Hour at Mr Green Casino

Do you prefer your blackjack cocktails shaken or stirred because Mr Green Casino’s exclusive blackjack tables are running daily Happy Hours for 6 hours straight during the month of May 2018.

That’s right Happy HOURS! Every time a player draws a Gold Card during the Blackjack Happy hours of 18:00 CET – 23:59 CET, Mr Green awards that player with €10! The money awarded is real Cash and therefore free of any wagering requirements. You can claim up to €20 every day for up to an impressive total of €620!

Qualifying Tables:

Mr Green’s Exclusive Blackjack Table 1
2 Mr Green’s Exclusive Blackjack Table
3 Mr Green’s Exclusive Blackjack Table
4 Mr Green’s Exclusive Blackjack Table
Deutsches Blackjack

Take a seat at the blackjack tables at Mr Green Casino and draw some Gold cards awarding Free Blackjack Money!

Robert J. Cipriani- An International Blackjack Gambler


Robert J. Cipriani is an unusual philanthropist as he gave most of his blackjack winnings to those who seek his help through his website. Cipriani’s fame (or notorierity) not only stemmed through his status as an international gambler, but also from his role as a key witness in bringing down an international money-laundering and cocaine syndicate.

Drug Trade Busted


It all started in Australia in 2011. Cipriani was offered money to play blackjack by an ex- USC player Owen Hanson who was using the pseudonym Junior DeLuca. Cipriano was hustled by Hanson into playing (and hopefully laundering) AUD 1.5 M and 2.5 M on two different occasions in Australia. He took his initial winnings, a check issued by an Australian casino back to the US to play at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. He won some and lost some but was able to pay back Hanson.

Back in Sydney two weeks later, Cipriano was threatened if he did not take Hanson’s AUD 2.5 M to gamble. Feeling that something was not right, he gambled away all of the AUD 2.5 M. Owen Hanson was furious and told Cipriani to meet up with him at Hilton Sydney. Cipriani was scared and quickly left for the US after reporting to the hotel authorities that a man with a gun was staying at the aforementioned hotel room.

The hotel security guard came with policemen and found AUD 702,000 in a suitcase in the possession of former boxed Sean Carolan. This led to the investigation and arrest of Owen Hanson and the dismantling of his drug trade in 2016.

Who is RJ Cipriani?


As a boy Cipriani lived in Philadelphia. He has four other siblings. His father supported them by working in a factory, as barber in his own barber shop, and selling un-taxed wine and cigarettes. His father was the sort of guy who connects people to the right people, setting up deals for favors and profit.

At age 16, RJ realized that he did not want to spend the rest of his life selling pretzels at his dad’s factory. He trooped to Atlantic City in New Jersey and was introduced to gambling in casinos. He saw gambling as a challenging, rewarding and entertaining means to “work”. He became a professional gambler, earning from fellow gamblers and from those he helped. He became famous and began hobnobbing with very popular and rich personalities.
He was called Robin Hood 702 as he shared his winnings not only to those who seek his help but to casino staff as well. He claimed to have given away over $1 million of his winnings.

Sexual Harassment Lawsuit


In April 2017, Cipriano filed a lawsuit saying that Daryl Katz, the owner of a Canadian hockey team offered his wife Greice Santo of Jane the Virgin fame, money in exchange of an ongoing sexual relationship. Cipriano claimed that Katz offered his wife $1.6 million. The proposal was for Santo to sleep with Katz six times a month for a year.

Cipriano also files a lawsuit against the PR firm representing Katz. He claimed that Glenn Bunting, head of the PR firm, defamed him to stop the New York Post from running his story. Katz replied that Cipriano has been harassing him (Katz) and his family for over a year now. He added that Cipriano is a convicted felon with regards to the Owen Hanson event. This, by the way, led to the banning of Cipriano from playing in casino across the world, greatly affecting his means of earning a living.

To help Cipriani, the U.S. Attorney General’s Office actually confirmed that Cipriani is clean and has not been charged on any crime relating to the drug trade and money laundering. However, as of this time, Robert J. Cipriano remains banned from playing in casinos.

Superstitions in Blackjack that increase your luck of winning

Superstitions in Blackjack that increase your luck of winning

One of the most popular casino games is blackjack. Blackjack’s popularity has made it gain some unique pseudo names while at the same time it has attracted some superstitious beliefs centred on how a player can increase his/her chances of winning. The superstitions on blackjack do not emanate from one corner of the world as such, but rather they come from all corners of the world i.e. the American continent, Europe, Asia, African, and Australia. This in actual effect demonstrates the popularity of blackjack. On your next visit to a casino or even when playing at an online casino such as, always keep the following in mind as they can just help you scoop the big win.

Lucky Charms


Believe it or not, it’s been revealed by some casinos that over half of blackjack casino players carry lucky charms when they visit the casino to try their luck in blackjack. Lucky charms have their origin in America as the slaves who came to the continent from Africa and the Caribbean carried lucky charms they hoped would protect them on their travel and subsequent stay in faraway unknown lands. The practice has since spread to other parts of the world and other groups of people. The spread of the myth of luck charms has also reached casinos with players carrying with them raccoon’s penis bone, a badger’s tooth, a rabbit’s foot, nutmeg, and alfalfa among others to the blackjack table.

Red, the colour of luck


Originating in Asia, the myth that red is the colour of luck has spread the world over and is now a huge thing in casinos. Learning a thing or two from Chinese mythology, many casino players nowadays try to wear red as they can in order to increase their luck. For those who are not moved by the stares of other players, wearing all red from top to bottom has become a thing. The practice is not only seen at land-based casinos, even those playing at online casinos can incorporate this part of Chinese mythology by opting for those online casinos with red as the main colour of the website.

Avoiding the Main Entrance


This is widely believed to have originated from the entertainment capital of the world i.e. Las Vegas. The MGM Grand in Las Vegas which has a main entrance designed depicting the jaws of a roaring lion is believed by many players to have bad luck. As such, most players especially those playing table games at the casino decided against using the main entrance and resorted to using the back entrance. The practice has since spread to other casinos both in Las Vegas and beyond.

Crossing your legs


When growing up, crossing one’s fingers was said to be a sign of good luck and that it freed us from any promises we made and were unable to fulfil. Fast forward to adult life in the casino, the opposite is true when it comes to crossing your legs. It’s believed that crossing your legs while playing blackjack or any other table game brings bad luck to the player and as such should be avoided at all costs.

Win up to $500 Playing Table Games at Black Diamond Casino

Win up to 500 Playing Table Games at Black Diamond Casino

Win up to $500 playing table games like Blackjack at Black Diamond Casino April 9th-15th. Take your seat at the winner’s table as there are $1,250 in prizes on offer.

To participate and win your share of the prize pool, make a minimum deposit of $50 here and for every $10 wagered on blackjack, roulette or baccarat, you will earn 1 tournament point. Climb the leaderboard and you could win $500 for first, $100 for 2nd and 3rd and $50 for 5th to 12th place winners.

See you at the Winner’s table at Black Diamond Casino!

Visit Black Diamond Casino Today!

Celebrate Spring with a Blackjack Boost at Intertops Poker

100% Match Up Bonus at Intertops Casino

April 3, 2018 — St. Johns, Antigua (Press Release) – After a long hard winter, Intertops Poker celebrates Spring this week by adding an extra 5% to all Blackjack wins. The 5% Spring Blackjack Boost runs April 4 – 10, 2018.

All four variations of Blackjack under the Lucktap tab in the casino section of the poker rooms qualify for the 5% Blackjack Boost. Players can choose from regular Blackjack, Face Up 21, Double Draw Blackjack and Perfect Pairs Blackjack.

In Double Draw Blackjack there is an optional re-draw on hand 15, 16 and 17. Perfect Pairs Blackjack pays 5:1 for a natural pair, 10:1 for a same-colored pair and 30:1 for a perfect pair (both cards the same suit). There’s no “hole” card in Face Up 21 – all of the player’s and the dealer’s cards are visible.

Players can win up to $250 in Blackjack Boost bonuses. The Boost will be a bonus balance that that can released after 15X play-through.

“It used to be everyone went straight to our poker room,” said Intertops Poker’s manager. “Now more and more people are discovering that if you click the Casino tab instead there’s a whole bunch of other games!”

Intertops Poker is well-known for their online poker rooms on the Horizon Poker Network. In their Casino section they also offer hundreds of slots and table games from Lucktap, Betsoft and Worldmatch.

Play Blackjack at Intertops Poker!

Play at Mr Green Casino’s exclusive Blackjack table for a €3,500 Golden Egg Surprise

Play at Mr Green Casinos exclusive Blackjack table for a 3500 Golden Egg Surprise

Play at Mr Green Casino’s exclusive blackjack table for a €3,500 Golden Egg Surprise. Monday March 26th through Sunday April 1st, play blackjack at Mr Green’s exclusive Blackjack table and if Mr Green saunters by, placing a Golden Egg on the table, you win €20.

Choose your blackjack table and win a share of €3,500 when you see the golden egg at Mr Green Casino!