Basic Manners When Playing Live Blackjack


Blackjack is certainly one of the most popular casino games world played in both land-based and online casinos. Online blackjack has been made more interesting and interactive through the introduction of live blackjack, where players interact and play “live” online with a real-live blackjack dealer and players.

Playing live blackjack is certainly more interesting and challenging. However, there are certain proprieties that should be observed for hassle-free blackjack gaming.

When Joining a Table

Make sure that there is indeed a spot available for another player as there is a possibility that one or two players on the table are playing multiple hands. The table might have one or two vacant seats but those seats may be for a player who has multiple hands in the game. If a seat is available, you should wait for the current hand to finish before you buy-in. There are blackjack games that do not allow mid-deck entry. If this is the case then you should wait for the next shuffle.

When Buying Chips

Buying chips is easy enough as all you need to do is place the amount you wish to exchange in the middle of the blackjack table and tell the dealer the denomination you need. After the dealer gives you the chips, make sure you count them. A dealer seldom makes mistakes in exchanging money to chips but it’s always good to check just in case.

When Betting in the Game

You should place your bet within the betting circle. If you are wagering a stack of chips, don’t just shove them in the betting circle. Neatly place the stack of chips in the betting circle, with the highest value of chip placed at the bottom of the stack if the chips are of different denominations. Remember not to touch the chips once the dealer commences on dealing the cards.

How to Handle Cards

Most blackjack variants are played face-up, where the cards are dealt face-up and players are not allowed to touch or hold their cards during the game. Variants that are played face-down allow players to touch or handle the dealt cards. You should note that the protocol is for a player to use only one hand, and that the cards are kept only above the table.

When Deciding on the Play

You will be given ample time to decide on whether you still need another card or not. If you need another card you should audibly indicate this to the dealer so that there will be no misunderstanding. You can also use a hand signal such as tapping on the table to show that you require another. If you don’t need another card, you can just wave your hand to show that you stand.

If you wish to double you can place the additional chips next to your first bet. If you want to split, you can either place the needed amount of chips next to your initial bet or with two fingers, point to your card. Of course, it is best to verbally state your decision to avoid mistakes.

Winning a Hand

If you do win a hand, wait for the dealer to place the chips that you won next to your bet. Wait for the dealer to settle with the rest of the players on the table, and collect all the dealt cards on the table before you collect your chips. This is one way of showing manners and “class”.

More Blackjack Etiquette

There are other ways to observe when playing online blackjack and one of them is when talking with other players. There are players who wish to exchange words with other players on the table and there are those who prefer to keep quiet and just play. So, it is best to be sensitive if your table-mates prefer to chat or not. It is also best not to interfere or react to players in-play decisions regardless if their decisions are good or bad.

In case you are using a strategy card, do not take a long time consulting it. There are other players who are waiting for your decision so the play can move forward.

Dealers are to be respected. Some may prefer to chat and others may prefer to keep quiet when in play. If you feel you’ve been dealt a bad card, do not berate the dealer as that is not his fault. Remember that blackjack, for all the skills that you hone, is still a game of chance. You may or may not tip a dealer but if you are on a winning streak, tipping a dealer is a good practice.

If you wish to play behind a seated player, ask the player’s permission first. If he agrees, you may place your bet in the betting circle. However, you have no say on the player’s move or how he plays a hand. Win or lose, you should thank the player.

You may leave a table at any point but it is polite to leave the table after a shuffle if the rest of the players are winning. Your leaving the table has nothing to do with the rest of the players’ chances of winning but superstitions indicate otherwise.

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