Wayne Rooney’s £500,000 Casino Loss

In just two hours, Wayne Rooney gambled away £500,000 at Manchester’s 325 Casino. He came alone and recklessly gambled his money at the roulette and blackjack tables from midnight to two in the morning.

A popular English professional football player, Rooney’s gambling spree came after Manchester United’s win at the Europa League over FR Rostov on the 16th of March. However, Rooney spent his time watching the match from a box at Old Trafford as he sustained an injury prior to the game.

Onlookers claimed that Rooney was losing £4,000 a minute as he hopped between the blackjack table and roulette table. A witness said that Rooney was heedlessly laying down chips of huge amount.

Though drinking beer as he gambled away a fortune, Wayne Rooney appeared to be sober and in complete control of his actions. He bet on a lot of reds on roulette and placed long-shot bets on particular numbers. As he lost each game, Rooney seem undaunted and bet more.

Onlookers said Rooney was betting like mad, as aiming to chase his losses. He was fixated on the table game before him, cursing under his breath at each spin or deal. Lost in his own world, it was not long before the renowned football player lost a huge amount of money.

Wayne Rooney has a history of gambling. It was said that as a teenager he was already keen on gaming back in his hometown of Everton. Married to Coleen and proud father of three boys, Rooney’s gambling is a sore point in their marriage. Back in the early years of their marriage, Coleen was said to have hit the roof when Rooney lost £50,000. In 2008, he lost £65,000 at the 235 Casino within two hours. In 2006 he accumulated a debt of £700,000 in a dressing room gambling ring.

As a VIP client, Wayne Rooney’s account at the Manchester casino is linked to his credit card. As of this moment, no official comment has come from Rooney’s camp.

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