Richard De La Torre’s New Book is Out- Find out how to beat the casinos!

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It’s in the Book: Winning Ways – How to Beat the Casinos is an insider’s view on how to beat the house when playing the top three most popular casino table games. Authored by Richard De La Torre, and published by Page Publishing, the gaming book presents proven strategies on how to “beat casinos” in an easy and practical manner.

The basics of playing Blackjack, Craps and Roulette are quite easy to comprehend. The hard part in playing these casino table games is in winning. De La Torre’s book deals with the how’s and why’s of these three casino table games. Reading this book will help both the newbie and seasoned players to have an in depth knowledge of the game so that they could make informed decisions when playing, and greatly improve their chances of winning.

Blackjack Tips


Richard De La Torre’s insights on Blackjack are quite significant. He mentioned that card recognition is an imbalance of face value cards versus face cards. He says that doubling down hitting twelve when the dealer is losing is a great move. Not opting to taking money for insurance if the ratios are favorable is a bad move. It is an advantage of know how to count each card in eight or even just six deck shoe through simple math. De La Torre outlines time tables to follow when a player ends up with stiff hands.

Roulette Tips


Richard De La Torre believes that there are high and low percentages on every bet when playing Roulette. He said that by using ratios, it is possible to cut the house edge down, that betting on columns, or 1st, 2nd and 3rd twelve’s only is a good strategy.

Craps Tips


There is a great amount of bad and good bets when playing craps. De La Torre mentioned in the book that it is possible to minimize losses by hedge betting on particular bets. Now, the author presents various means to hedge bet. He believes that a great deal of crap players do hedge betting without even knowing about it.

De La Torre’s It’s in the Book: Winning Ways – How to Beat the Casinos greatly deals with money management including hedge betting. Gamblers must realize that money management is a very important factor to consider as it is possible to win a great deal of money and in the next instance lose it all due to bad money management.

De La Torre expressed that gambling is not just about playing one’s favorite casino table game. He believes that this book will help gamblers to better their games, and efficiently manage their money.

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