Superstitions in Blackjack that increase your luck of winning

Superstitions in Blackjack that increase your luck of winning

One of the most popular casino games is blackjack. Blackjack’s popularity has made it gain some unique pseudo names while at the same time it has attracted some superstitious beliefs centred on how a player can increase his/her chances of winning. The superstitions on blackjack do not emanate from one corner of the world as such, but rather they come from all corners of the world i.e. the American continent, Europe, Asia, African, and Australia. This in actual effect demonstrates the popularity of blackjack. On your next visit to a casino or even when playing at an online casino such as, always keep the following in mind as they can just help you scoop the big win.

Lucky Charms


Believe it or not, it’s been revealed by some casinos that over half of blackjack casino players carry lucky charms when they visit the casino to try their luck in blackjack. Lucky charms have their origin in America as the slaves who came to the continent from Africa and the Caribbean carried lucky charms they hoped would protect them on their travel and subsequent stay in faraway unknown lands. The practice has since spread to other parts of the world and other groups of people. The spread of the myth of luck charms has also reached casinos with players carrying with them raccoon’s penis bone, a badger’s tooth, a rabbit’s foot, nutmeg, and alfalfa among others to the blackjack table.

Red, the colour of luck


Originating in Asia, the myth that red is the colour of luck has spread the world over and is now a huge thing in casinos. Learning a thing or two from Chinese mythology, many casino players nowadays try to wear red as they can in order to increase their luck. For those who are not moved by the stares of other players, wearing all red from top to bottom has become a thing. The practice is not only seen at land-based casinos, even those playing at online casinos can incorporate this part of Chinese mythology by opting for those online casinos with red as the main colour of the website.

Avoiding the Main Entrance


This is widely believed to have originated from the entertainment capital of the world i.e. Las Vegas. The MGM Grand in Las Vegas which has a main entrance designed depicting the jaws of a roaring lion is believed by many players to have bad luck. As such, most players especially those playing table games at the casino decided against using the main entrance and resorted to using the back entrance. The practice has since spread to other casinos both in Las Vegas and beyond.

Crossing your legs


When growing up, crossing one’s fingers was said to be a sign of good luck and that it freed us from any promises we made and were unable to fulfil. Fast forward to adult life in the casino, the opposite is true when it comes to crossing your legs. It’s believed that crossing your legs while playing blackjack or any other table game brings bad luck to the player and as such should be avoided at all costs.

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