Sonya Blackjack by Yggdrasil Gaming


Sonya Blackjack is Yggdrasil Gaming’s first ever and recently launched table game using an innovative motion capture multiplayer blackjack product. Featuring a 3D dealer and an easy-to-follow mobile gameplay, this product aims to deliver a truly engaging gaming environment and experience.

Rules of the Game


The game calls for up to three players to sit at a table, while other players can choose to stand while a 3D hostess (Sonya) deals. Players have the option to see other players play, their bets and winnings!

Standard blackjack options such as stand, double, hit, split and other Sonya Blackjack features are offered. When dealt with two equal-valued cards, splitting is allowed. If an Ace appears, insurance is offered and cost about 50% of the original bet. Half of the bet is saved if the other player hits a blackjack. If a player hits a 21 while Sonya still holds the Ace, the player may opt for Even Money, sacrifice the 3:2 reward and get a standard payout of 1X.

The products come in a standard logo package but operators are at liberty to customize Sonya Blackjack, including changing the casino environment or the dealer, or going for a branded live dealer.

Uniquely, operators may opt for a standard logo package or they may fully customize the product, including an unlimited chance to change both the dealer and casino environment. This option is definitely less expensive than that of a live dealer.



Yggdrasil’s REDUX™ is the proprietary platform for Sonya Blackjack. The technology is a combination of RNG and live casino. It uses a motion-capture technology to aptly show like-life movements of the dealer.

Developed and created by the inventive and creative techies behind Yggdrasil, the technology assures a faultless, powerful performance, and quick-loading mobile and desktop gaming experience. The product has great cross-selling prospects for online casino operators, and syncs with Yggdrasil BOOST®, an in-game promotional tool.

The RTP is a high 99.54%, and 92.86% with insurance. There is no bet behind option but the developer plans on adding a booking feature to accommodate more players at the table.

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