Scientific Games Releases Two New Blackjack Variants


It is an acknowledged gambling truth that the most popular casino table game of all time is Blackjack. Back in the days, playing blackjack was pretty straightforward as there were only a handful of variants, and thus, applicable rules were simple, with beatable and fair blackjack games available.

Today, there are various blackjack variants, and casino operators are looking for ways to change rules and increase house edges! Not to dishearten you though as there are still credible and winnable blackjack games offered in casinos.

It seems that house edge for blackjack in most casinos in Las Vegas continues to increase to the point that it’s almost as if you are playing carnival games! It is safe to say that among new blackjack variants, Blackjack Switch has a more staying power than most. In this connection, Scientific Games has come up with two new blackjack variants and they are U Turn Blackjack and Vegas Blackjack Fever.

New: U-Turn Blackjack

There’s nothing so significantly “new” about this variant except for the introduction of the smart shoe. The idea is to scan each playing card by the shoe as it is dealt to players. The blackjack variant U-Turn has the same principles as the Push 22 variant and is therefore not quite as remarkable as the other variant called Vegas Blackjack Fever.

Vegas Blackjack Fever

In the Vegas Blackjack fever variant, the game opens with a standard wager and an optional Precious Diamond side bet. A traditional blackjack game is assured as two cards are dealt. The dealer hits on soft 17, and players could split all hands, Aces included, up to three times to make for a total of four hands.

After splitting or hitting, players are allowed to double down on any hand including Aces. Players may also re-double down up to 3 doubles, bur only if the total equals the total bet of the hand.

After hitting, doubling or splitting, players are allowed to surrender half of the bet with two or more cards, on any hand.

Any hand that hasn’t been doubled, making a total of 20 or less with 6 cards, wins.
Any hand that hasn’t been double and has a total of 21 with five or more cards, wins.
Even if the dealer has a blackjack, a player’s blackjack wins. If a dealer is busted (22), the resulting hand becomes a push for all those still playing. The pay ratio for Blackjack is 5:2.

These variants have not hit the Vegas Strip yet, but they will soon be featured.

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