How to play Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is another Blackjack variation that is easy enough to learn and master. As with the traditional Blackjack game, this variation is also played with the standard 52-card deck. This variant has no jokers or any other bonus cards used, thus making it more fun to play.

Basic Play


Every player is obligated to bet on each of the two hands in Blackjack Switch. The dealer then deals two face-up cards to each player, and then deals two cards to himself with one of the dealer’s card face-up too.

At this time all players are allowed to switch their 2nd card on their first hand with the 2nd card on their second hand. How does this work? Let’s say a player has a hard 16 (10-6) and a hard 17 (7-10). If he switches the 10 for the 6, then his hands will be 20 and 13.

Basic Rules


Since casino Blackjack rules vary, a dealer may either stand on hard 17 or hit on soft 17. A dealer Blackjack wins over both player hands but not if the player’s hand is also a Blackjack. In such case, the hand is a push.

All remaining hands become a push when the dealer gets 22. Every Blackjack is paid in even money.

Splitting each hand is allowed only once. Aces received per hand must be split.
Doubling down on any two cards is allowed. Doubling down after a split is also permitted.

What is a Super Match?


A super match is a bonus or side bet that pays more money when the first two cards of a player is a pair. Payoff for 3 of a kind is 5 to 1. Payoff for two pairs is 8 to 1, and payoff for a lucky 4 of a kind is 40 to 1.

Strategy in Playing Blackjack Switch


When playing Blackjack Switch, a player must be able to balance his hands at one point, and at times make for one solid hand. Obviously, the best hand is a 21, but what hands are next to best?

After 21, 20 and 19 are second and third best. A pair of Aces is way better than 9, 10 and 11. And all of the aforementioned hands are better than 18 and anything lower. Note than if a dealer shows an 8 or 7, he is more likely holding a 10 underneath for hard 18 or 17.

It is better to have one strong hand a weaker hand that can be improved with a third card. Let’s say a player has 6 and 9, 8 and 5. Switching 9 and 5 will result to 11 and 17. This makes for one weak hand and one stronger hand, with the possibility of improving the weaker hand with a third card.

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