New Blackjack Variant: Triple Win 20


Blackjack’s latest variant called Triple Win 20 debuted in Deadwood, South Dakota early in May. Developed by Terry Houk, a former general manager at casinos in Colorado and South Dakota, the variant’s main objective is to offer players a different and exciting blackjack game.

Triple Win 20 Play


As with all other blackjack variant, the dealer plays against each player. The main aim of the game is to get an “11” with one card, or the value 20 with at least two cards. The values of cards on a pack is standard – Aces are either 1 or 11, faces are 10, and the remaining cards the value of their number.

To win a hand, a player has to do any of the following.

• Reach a value of 11 with only a card, paying at 1:1
• Reach a value of 20 with only two cards, paying at 1:1. If the 2 initial cards are Kings, or a pair of Queens, or a pair of Jacks, the player gets paid 1.5x or 3:2 his bet.
• Reach a value that is higher than the dealer with 2 or more cards, paying at 1:1.
• Use of six decks of cards
• No insurance
• Hands higher than 20 are busted – including 21
• If the card values are the same, any hand can be a push. This is tie, no winner or loser.

First cards are always dealt facing down. A player must turn the card facing up if he wishes to collect a win on the first card. All the remaining cards are to be dealt face down unless a player has a two-card win or wishes to split cards or double down. The rules are similar to the blackjack variant Pitch. Also dealt face down is the dealer’s first card, but all his remaining cards are to dealt face up. The dealer is not allowed to take additional cards once he has a hard 16.

Houk named the variant Triple Win 20 because there are three ways to win. Of course, the “20” came from the fact that the goal of this blackjack variant is to reach a value of 20.
Let’s see if this blackjack variant will catch fire as it is the hope of the developer to have Triple Win 20 played in at least 100 casinos across the US.

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