Blackjack Tournaments: How They Work

The popularity of Blackjack Tournaments has reached a new height in recent years. Both land-based and online casinos have been offering them to attract more players to play. Currently online casinos are offering Blackjack Tournaments on a regular basis as more players opt to play.

Blackjack Tournament Basics


Basically, one is competing against other players rather than the dealer when playing in a Blackjack Tournament. All players pay an entry fee to join a Blackjack tournament. The entry fees are collated and go into the prize pool, with the casino taking a certain percentage. All players start off with the same number of hands and bankroll when competing. The bankroll or starting stack has no real monetary value but they are used the same way as normal blackjack chips are used. It does not matter how many chips the winner has at the end of a round as the object of the game is to end with the most number of chips.

Blackjack Tournaments may involve either a single round, or multiple rounds, with every round played over a fixed length of time or a fixed number of hands. Players lose or win chips against the dealer, with the order of play changing at every hand. If the tournament is a single round play, the chips are counted and the players are ranked based on their number of chips. In a multiple rounds tournament, players are eliminated at each round based on their number of chips held at the end of a round. The top player then progress to the next round and so on. At the last round, the winner is the player with the most chips.

Types of Blackjack Tournaments


There are several types of Blackjack Tournaments and they are as follows: single table, multiple tables, elimination, non-elimination, scheduled, sit and go, rebuy, freeroll, guaranteed, and satellite.

Single Table & Multiple Table Blackjack Tournaments
– Single table tournaments are played on one table, whereas multiple table tournaments are played on several tables. Elimination rules apply in multiple tables’ tournament, with the numbers of tables decreasing as tournament players are eliminated. The end result of a multiple tables blackjack tournament is the final round played on a single table.

Elimination & Non-Elimination Blackjack Tournaments – In single elimination format, tournament players are eliminated in each round, with either the player with the least chip being eliminated, or all players eliminated except for the top two players. In non-elimination tournament format, only a single round is involved with the player with the most chips at the end of the game as the winner, and the rest of the players ranked based on the number of chips they have.

Scheduled & Sit and Go Blackjack Tournaments – These tournaments are based on the play time and registration schedule. In scheduled tournaments, advanced registration is required, and tournaments start at a set time. In sit & go tournaments, game starts as soon as there are enough registered players.

Rebuy Blackjack Tournaments – Players are permitted to buy more chips if they start to lose. This way they are free to take more risks without the threats of elimination. However, the fees for a rebuy are quite high, almost on par to the original entry fee. The money from rebuy goes to the prize pool.

Freerolls Blackjack Tournaments – These tournaments are free to enter, but cash is the pot though fairly low. These tournaments are held to attract new players, or as reward for regular players.

Satellite Blackjack Tournaments – Winners get no cash prize. Instead, they qualify and are guaranteed entry into a higher value tournament.

Guaranteed Blackjack Tournaments – The prize pool for this type of tournament is minimal and not based on the number of registered players. Guaranteed tournaments attract players as the guaranteed pot prize is the total entry fees.

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