Blackjack Hero Jeff Ma is back in the Big Time

Of interest to the Blackjack Community today, the continuing story of the former rule bending genius Jeff Ma. While that name may not be immediately familiar, his history probably will be. Ma is the real life incarnation of a character in the Kevin Spacey driven film 21, which itself was the screen adaptation of Ben Mezrich’s book “Bringing Down The House”. Side note: The film went for simplicity in part because the original title was already taken by a Steve Martin comedy.

Anyway – Back to Jeff Ma. Since breaking casino’s with his team of other MIT students in the early 2000’s Ma has had to follow a path less controversial. And perhaps less glamorous but it seems not less financially rewarding.

Tech Crunch reports that he has just sold his start up TenXer to Twitter for a sum “under $50m”. I earn a sum under $50m, but I am guessing that is where the similarity ends, on the basis I am also assuming there are millions actually involved – like over $45M of them.

“TenXer” is, it seems, a form of management software that refers to the Silicon Valley term meant to imply brilliance of a developer in that it can do the work of 10 in one. In a world where success is often dictated by how quickly a big idea can be transferred into a workable and marketable solution, the appeal of such capacity is like corporate porn.

In a parting notice to its current client base Ma stated, “When we first started TenXer, our goal was to improve the way people worked by using data and analytics to increase transparency and visibility,”

It seems for the time being there will be a hiatus in developement while the team Ma has assembled take themselves off to Twitter headquarters to further plan world domination.

If you have never read the book or seen the film, you are likely new to Blackjack or maybe you just missed it. You should check them out as both are decent and lets face it, we all dream of beating the house. In it, Jeff Ma’s character in 21 is Ben Campbell and is played by actor Jim Sturgess. Ma does make a cameo in the film, see if you can spot him!

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